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The Big Al's recipe for success is based on three main principals:


The customer is always king at Big Al’s!


We put the “fast” into fast food...


Great food at great prices!

Welcome to Big Al's!

Big Al’s is a fast-food concept that specializes in Hamburgers, Fish and Chicken with a menu that includes items such as Chips, Toasted Rolls and a variety of Sausages. We also cater for the health-conscious consumer with our delicious Salads and Health Roll Range.

Big Al’s was established in 1989 by Albert Cross and was run as a family concern for fifteen years. The Big Al's franchise was officially launched in 2005.

Our Menu

BurgersFishChicken& Wraps!


The Big Al’s Franchise is aimed at the middle-income market with the emphasis being on an Affordable, Profitable and complete Turn Key Business that will benefit not only the Franchisee but assist in uplifting those in their employ.

Our store size begins at an average of sixty square meters for the standard Big Al’s Take out Store and can be adapted to suit the requirements of a fully equipped Sit Down establishment.

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